Stay Blessed D S Briggs

Books Available for Purchase

D S Briggs is the author of four books: Communicating Your Passion; Rekindle the Passion in your Preaching (2000) First Things First; Tithing, Giving, and Stewardship in the Local Church. (2002) We Are The Family of God; Learning, Loving, Lifting, and Living the Word of God (2017) and Daily Memo; A Thirty One Day Guide of Reflections for Personal Growth (2018) Covers of all books are in the photo section of this website.

Print Copies of Communicating Your Passion, First Things First and Daily Memo are available from the author at $10.00 per copy plus $3.95 shipping and handling. We Are the Family of God is $5.00 per copy plus $2.99 shipping and handling. You may contact the author at to order your copy, or you can order via Paypal at