Bishop DSB Bishop DSB On way to Church 2014 191021868 Program Pic National Assembly of Christian Churches and Ministries Fellowship 191021867 DSB Head Shot 2007 191021866 Mount Zoar BC Senior Minister from Sep 2001 till Nov 2004 139434487 Rehoboth Covenant Bible Fellowship Senior Minister Dec 2004 till April 2008 139434489 Just Me 200600884 Preaching for an old friend Nazareth BC New Orleans, Louisiana 198863611 They Built the Dream! Mount Calvary BC, Freeman, VA. While I did not build the new church building thank God He allowed me to plant that seed for them to desire to build it and to do it. 198863612 Just Relaxing 200600883 Installation Day Pic Installation Services at Mount Zoar Baptist Church Durham, NC. 198863609 New Store BC Pastor of New Store Baptist Church Buckingham County VA from Dec 1990 till May 1994 139434486 In the Office at Mount Zoar Baptisr Church The opening credits of the Refuge in the Word TV Broadcast in Raleigh - Durham, NC 139434488 191021864 Loved that Robe Pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church Freeman, Virginia from Sep 1995 to Dec 2000. 198863610 Installation Program from MCBC 191021865 North End Baptist Church East St Louis North End Baptist Church East St Louis 204966836 North End Baptist Church 204966837 204966838 204966839